Summit Middle School equips students for high school and successfully navigating adolescence through a rigorous standards-based and student focused curriculum that develops both students’ intellect and character.  Nurturing relationships with caring teachers and peers create a culture of safety and respect to support student growth.  Our Middle School environment stimulates intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, and creative problem solving.  Students develop social and emotional skills to become secure, well-adjusted young people prepared to make good life choices.

Highlights of the Middle School curriculum include:

  • Math preparation begins with differentiated instruction. Both advanced math and intervention opportunities are available. Sixth grade students may be placed in sixth grade math, pre-algebra, or algebra based on skill level. Our seventh grade students study seventh grade math, pre-algebra, algebra, or geometry. Eighth graders then may be in algebra, geometry, or algebra 2.
  • Science lab class
  • Separate language arts and literature classes
  • Social studies class
  • Spanish class
  • Sixth through eighth graders choose one elective per quarter to explore a new interest and broaden their horizons:
    • Visual Arts
    • Sabrecat Band: Middle School rock band for musicians and singers of all levels
    • Life Skills
    • Student Newspaper
    • Physical Education
    • Drone Flight School
    • Robotics
    • Japanese 1 or 2
    • Speech and Debate
    • American Sign Language

Programs unique to Summit such as C.A.R.E. (Character and Respect Education), S.E.R.V.E. (Summit Excellence Reflected in Volunteer Experience), and ROPES (Rite of Passage Experience) challenge students to be responsible respectful leaders who strive to set and achieve goals throughout their Middle School experience.

Middle School Grade Levels

middle school

sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

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