Welcome to Summit School

My favorite part of every day at Summit is watching eager students being stretched to learn and grow into their best selves by our expert teachers.  A close second are the high-fives, fist bumps, or shouts of “hey, Mr. B!” I get to hear each day from students.  They are a reminder that nurturing relationships are the heart of the partnership between Summit educators and parents to support our students’ intellectual, social and emotional development.  These relationships help us equip students with the knowledge, skills and values they need to thrive in the classroom–and in life. Experiencing learning as a joyful process of discovery is a hallmark of the Summit Experience and prepares them for a future that will be filled with rapid change and continuous learning.  Taking on problems with creative and innovative solutions will be essential to the future—one that starts now. We look forward to connecting with you to share next generation private education at Summit School!

Go Sabrecats,

Mark Bistricky, Head of School

Our Mission

We are a courageous community of visionary leaders, expert teachers and family partners, empowering learners who are creative problem solvers, skilled communicators, and practiced collaborators, dedicated to serving others. Summit School is a thought and practice leader in challenging, applied, content mastery, and social-emotional growth. Our rigorous curriculum and supportive environment builds the foundation for students of character to pursue lives of meaning, purpose, and passion.

Our Vision

Summit equips creative innovators by providing a safe and joyful place for preschool through eighth grade students to discover and achieve their full potential. We are a dynamic community with a culture that fosters relationships among students, teachers, parents and alumni to promote:

• A cutting-edge, rigorous, integrated curriculum focused on academic core mastery and 21st century skills, including creative problem solving, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and leadership needed to thrive.
• Students who cultivate an intrinsic love of learning through academic experience that meets personal and differentiated needs, and produces life-long learners.
• The development of social-emotional and character skills such as self-discipline, integrity, resilience, community.
• An environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, and creative problem solving.
• Practices and policies are rooted in the most current research.
• A professional learning community in which all members engage in continuous learning.
• Enthusiastic participation of students, staff and parents, as we sustain supportive relationships that enrich the experience and learning environments of our students.
• Students who are global-thinkers and world changers through innovative education and future thinking.

Our Values


We're preparing today's students for the future. We harbor creative innovators by providing a safe space for our students to take risks.

Intrinsic Motivation

Our students learn and discover through an entrepreneurial lens. Summit fosters a true love of learning


Our academic excellence transcends test scores. Our students are flexible problem solvers who think outside the textbook.


We cultivate an environment of accountability through collaboration and discipline. Our students want to make a difference in the world.


Don't let all the fun we have at our school fool you. Our students and faculty work hard both inside and outside of the classroom.

Average Class Size


Graduate College by 24


Get Into High School of Choice

Rigorous Academics

An innovative, integrated curriculum develops core academic knowledge and skills among all students. Students engage in academic experiences designed to meet personal and differentiated needs. A deep understanding of academic content is demonstrated through the development of global, economic, civic, health, environmental, digital, media, and informational literacy.


Our students get the unique opportunity to engage in a wide array of elementary and middle school sports. We offer flag football, volleyball, cross country, cheer and dance, intramural sports, basketball, and golf.

World's Best Teachers

If you think that’s a stretch then you don’t know our teachers. We have industry-leading experts guiding our students into remarkable areas of study. Our teachers are rockstars. Without them, Summit would just be another school.

Fine Arts

Summit features a nationally-recognized art program and a distinguished music program. These are cornerstones of our liberal arts curriculum and serve to facilitate critical thinking and creativity in every one of our students.

Technology and Robotics

The technology curriculum at Summit School is integrated with grade level units of study during the year, whenever possible. Through collaborative and individual activities, technology projects enhance and expand classroom learning through meaningful activities. Summit boasts an impressive robotics program offered to our middle school students.

Parent Involvement

One of our core beliefs at Summit is that parents should be very involved in their child’s learning and development. We never exclude parents but continuously encourage them to be as involved as possible in their child’s education at Summit.

Get to Know Summit’s Head of School

Mark Bistricky grew up in Phoenix and is the product of an independent private school education from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.  Mr. Bistricky earned a Bachelors Degree in History from Whittier College, and Masters Degrees in History from the University of Arizona and Educational Administration from Santa Clara University.  His eighteen years in private education, including eight years as a teacher and ten years as a Principal/Head of School drive his commitment to innovative teaching and learning practices. A dynamic professional who brings creativity, passion, and strategic vision to develop of students’ academic, social, creative, and physical skills, Mr. Bistricky is committed to keeping Summit School on the vanguard of next generation education.

Faculty & Staff

Get to know our award-winning faculty and staff.

Innovative Curriculum

Learn more about our STEAM-based curriculum.


Check out our sports schedules as well as results from all of our teams.

Student Life

What is life like on Summit’s campus? Click here to find out. Our students are involved in a wide array of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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