Board of Trustees

The Summit Board of Trustees is made up of parent volunteers within the Summit community with a wide variety of professional experience, working to support the Head of School in Summit’s ongoing success.

The Board’s role is one of stewardship: to hold “in trust” the mission and vision of Summit. This includes due diligence on financial stability and planning, careful decision making, and obedience to the laws and bylaws of our non profit school.

The Summit Board operates by Committee: Executive, Finance, and Development.

The Board also supports school-based committees, such as Health and Safety and Marketing.

Summit Board members are nominated by committee, however we are always looking for dedicated parents to help with any and all efforts related to our community. If you would like to learn more about being a part of the Board or of one of our committees, please reach out via our email address:


Bill Andrew


Tim Crown


Eric Crown


Nicole Johnson


Julia Beito

Derek Underhill

John Lang

Heather Thomas

Colin Cagney

Jessica Rigler

Terrance Swan

Alan Peril

Meredith Zappert

The Board also employs the help and guidance of past Board members and legacy families, and works carefully to ensure we have representation across grade levels.

Contacting the Board
The Summit Board of Trustees is always open to parent and staff feedback, ideas, and concerns, and are dedicated to helping resolve issues within the Board’s purview.

For staff and curriculum issues, please first contact the Head of School directly for resolution. For other issues, you can contact us using this email address, and we will try our best to respond as appropriate within 48 hours:


How often do you meet?

The Summit Board meets once per month, usually the third Tuesday of the month, by Zoom. The committees meet with Summit leadership and have ad hoc meetings throughout the year. 

Can the wider Summit community attend Board meetings?

Because of time constraints, we typically do not open up our meetings to the wider Summit community. However, we can address any written feedback to our email address, and are always open to answering questions.

How can I bring an idea, concern, or complaint to the Board?

The best way to let the Board know your feedback is by emailing us. Your feedback will be disseminated to the Board as appropriate.

I'm interested in joining the Board. How do you select members?

Board members are nominated by committee and have several criteria that must be met in order to serve. Reach out to for more details.

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