Athletics at Summit

The Summit School athletics program promotes school pride, citizenship, and matches our academic excellence. We take great pride in developing our student athletes for their future success.

As a part of Summit’s commitment to excellence, we are launching an improved athletics program for the 2022-23 school year. We are excited about the opportunity that it will provide every student. Summit encourages all students to join a sport regardless of experience or ability.

Each sport will have an experienced coach that will not only focus on teaching fundamentals and strategies but also teach life skills like sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, accountability, and perseverance.

The CAA has realigned its schedule to offer four seasons throughout the school year. Our school will, therefore, be offering different sports on a quarterly basis. We are excited about the opportunity to compete against other schools in sports that are familiar to our students and a few new ones as well.

At Summit, we care about every student and want to prepare them for success in all areas of their life after they move on. We aim to provide an athletics program that promotes school pride, citizenship and matches our academic excellence.

Season 1 Sports

August 1 – October 1

Co-ed Cross Country (4th-8th)- Flexes into season 2 

Girls Volleyball (4th-8th)

Season 2 Sports

October 1 – November 30


Junior Cheerleading (PreK-4th)- flexes into season 2

Boys 7v7 Football Passing League (6th-8th)


Season 3 Sports

December 1 – March 2

Girls Basketball (4th-8th)

Co-ed Flag Football (4th-8th)


Season 4 Sports

March 13 – May 11

Boys Basketball (4th-8th)

Co-ed Golf (5th-8th)

Track & Field (5th-8th)



If you have questions about our programs, registration, or schedules, please feel free to contact our Athletics and Activities Director  Craig Kroupa at

Athletics Calendar

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