A Summit School education prepares the next generation of students for success. We love hearing stories about how Summit Alumni are doing since they’ve left the our campus and how they feel that Summit helped them along the way. In this month’s Alumni spotlight, we heard from 21-year-old Monika who is now a Intern at Spear, a Contractor for Varsity Tutors, and a Dental School Applicant.

When did you attend Summit School? 

I attended Summit School from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I started Kindergarten 2002 and graduated from 8th grade in 2011. 

Tell us about what you did after you left Summit.

After I left Summit I attended Xavier College Preparatory for high school and then Cornell University for college. I just graduated from Cornell this past May. I am currently applying to dental school and will matriculate in 2020. 

How did Summit School prepare you for your advanced education and current career? 

Summit taught me the importance of not only being an active student in the classroom, but of also being a participant in the community. In the classroom, I was able to gain confidence in my academic abilities by developing close relationships with my teachers and classmates. In a community that fostered a love for learning, I experienced the enjoyment and exhilaration of contributing to class discussions. Summit provided me with a platform that instilled confidence and character in me. With this I was able to have faith in myself and continue working towards my goals throughout high school and college successfully. Outside of the classroom, I learned how to be a leader and work with my peers towards common goals. I was able to enjoy time with my classmates and build friendships that are still intact to this day. 

What’s your best memory of your time at Summit? 

My best memory of my time at Summit is the first day of school every year. Even after being at the same school for the first few years, it was always exhilarating to come back to school after summer and see my classmates and teachers. I always looked forward to going to school and associate very good memories with many first days. 

What would you say to parents who are considering Summit as an option for their student(s)? 

I think it would be a mistake not to attend Summit. The small class sizes provide students with more one-on-one time with teachers, which ultimately helps students academically and socially. Learning to interact with teachers on a personal basis at such an early age helped me feel comfortable interacting with professors at office hours in college. The academic attention that teachers provide students with shows how much they care and how invested they are in the students’ futures. I think that the sense of community at Summit makes it unique. By creating a very comfortable environment for students to return to on a day-to-day basis, Summit helps encourage personal development as a student and an individual. I would not be where I am today without my experiences from Summit and I’m very grateful for the connections and relationships that I established there.  

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