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Kindergarten in Phoenix by Summit School of Ahwatukee

An Accredited Private Kindergarten

Kindergarten: Where the love of learning begins!

Summit School of Ahwatukee helps students move forward by building on the foundations established in preschool. Small class sizes and group work helps students engage no matter their ability or learning style. Hands-on activities aid visualization and ensure that students remember concepts beyond basic memorization. This advanced, time-tested approach leads to enhanced thinking skills for the long-term.

Kindergarten teachers accommodate each individual student’s needs through formal and informal assessments. For example, our reading classes are taught at several different levels between the two kindergarten classes. Each group is organized based on the students’ unique abilities. This enables the groupings to shift and change as children’s abilities grow. Our curriculums build on one another, as kindergarten preps students for elementary school, and middle school after that.

Engaging Kindergarten Students

The kindergarten curriculum includes reading, writing, math, spelling, physical education, social studies, project-based learning, and public speaking skills in classrooms with a maximum of eighteen students. These small class sizes are part of what makes our preschool program so effective as well. Our kindergarten teachers have a combination of 35 years of experience coupled with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Education and Early Childhood and SEI endorsements. Additionally, each classroom has an instructional assistant to provide support throughout the academic day.

Subjects for kindergarten students include but are not limited to:

  • Art – Through work based on real and imagined projects, children deepen critical thinking, narrative problem solving, spatial reasoning, and visual perception.
  • Math – Students participate in fun math games involving clocks and real money. This method allows children to visualize real-world math concepts.
  • Reading – The kindergarten reading program includes print concepts, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, literature elements, expository text, and functional text.
  • Writing – Our writing program for kindergarten students focuses on prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, “six + 1 traits” of writing, expressive, expository, functional, research, listening and speaking.
  • Social studies – Some of the basic themes studied include general United States history, geography, and economics.
  • Music – Students have the opportunity to play musical instruments, sing songs, and compose. Kindergarteners also participate in the school’s annual concert.
  • Physical education – Each fitness class is specially designed for kindergarten students, involving an introductory activity followed by a lesson and a game.
  • Spanish – Kindergarteners develop a strong foundation of vocabulary and conversation through games, music and cultural study.

Choosing the Best Kindergarten in Phoenix

Setting your child up for a bright future starts early! A private school education where students receive individual attention and carefully studied educational techniques paves the way for progress in their continued educational career. Including a wide variety of subjects opens doors to previously unrealized interests and passions. If your goal as a parent is the individual growth and success of your child, you’ve come to the right place. Our summer camps are an excellent choice for ongoing education over the summer months.