Music is an important cornerstone of our liberal arts program

Students have the opportunity to play instruments, sing, explore all genres of music, and create original musical compositions.  Our music department also orchestrates the Winter concert for the school. The music program spans preschool through eighth grade.


In kindergarten through fifth grade, the music curriculum involves participation in hands-on musical explorations that incorporate thinking musically, creatively, and critically. Students will develop a comprehensive, basic foundation of musical understandings, skills, and experiences that will enable them to choose and pursue enriching musical experiences beyond elementary school. Musical experiences, as recommended by state (AZ) and national (MENC) standards will include:

Performing: Singing, Playing Instruments, Improvising
Creating: Composing, Arranging, Improvising
Listening: Listening, Analyzing, Describing music, Evaluating music and music performances, Responding to music through Movement
Musical Context: Understanding music in relation to history and culture, Understanding relationships between music and the other arts and disciplines outside the arts

Experiences will be structured as whole-class, small-group, and individualized activities. Concepts explored include:

• Tone Color (timbre)
• Duration (rhythm)
• Musical Controls (volume, tempo, articulation)
• Pitch (melody, harmony)


The primary goals of this elective class are for students to develop the skills needed to be a creative, expressive, and supportive ensemble musician and to perform at school events. Repertoire will be drawn from styles such as Pop, Rock, Jazz, Latin, World, and Western Classical. Our seventh and eighth grade band is a performing ensemble. Each year, the band incorporates all instruments played by students and those they wish to explore. Students who do not play instruments are invited to share their vocal talents.

Student engagement in every class is improved when the content presented is relevant to them, be it popular or classical music. Enthusiasm is also improved when students feel they have a choice in what they work on. Therefore, our approach is supplemented with popular songs and classical literature of their choice. The Summit School Sabrecat Band performs at the school’s winter concert, school sponsored events, and student assemblies. Our band has also been invited to perform at several church and community events within the Phoenix area.

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