Launch of Math Monday by K-5 Math Specialist, Molly Danforth

Oct 3, 2017

Our goal in creating the Math Specialist position was to provide additional instructional support for students and teachers as we further enhance our mathematics program at Summit.  We’ve asked Ms. Molly Danforth, our Kindergarten-5th Grade Math Specialist, to share more of her background and approach to the role, as well as make a special announcement—the launch of Math Mondays!

Dear Parents,

I am a National Board Certified Teacher, with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Elementary Education. I have taught at Summit since 2007 and have been in the classroom for more than twenty years. My parents were strong advocates for education and always encouraged me to continue on this path.  After receiving my Masters, I decided to further my understanding of how students learn and became a National Board Certified Teacher (2004 and 2014). It was during this process that I realized that students need a balance of procedural, conceptual understanding, and application techniques in order to understand mathematics deeply.  Students need to conceptually understand math concepts before learning the abstract.  Throughout the year, I will be sharing information on how Summit teachers create a balance to develop mathematical thinkers and provide opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s mathematical development. You will see what is taking place in the classroom, ideas for reinforcement at home, research studies, recommended apps and games and even a parent challenge or two!


Ms. Danforth

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