Learning looks differently

We light the fire of learning in kids and cultivate intrinsic motivation so that they will be lifelong learners. Children are born curious and come equipped with the desire to learn that rivals that of even the most determined scientists. Intrinsic motivation is all too frequently extinguished by the extrinsic set expectations of a school. Fortunately, there is research-based evidence that says it is possible to rekindle this natural motivation to learn. We do this by designing environments that are supportive and engaging our learners in the simple activities.


A Community of Learners

Summit students thrive because of the partnership between educators and parents in supporting their development.  Research shows that teachers, parents and the community working together is a key factor in student success.  At Summit, parents are very involved in school life and culture. They develop close relationships with teachers, staff and each other. This community spirit surrounds our students with a shared commitment to their success.


Next Generation Education

Truly preparing students for their future also looks differently in a rapidly evolving world.  Many of our students’ future jobs do not currently exist, and the problems they will be required to solve are unpredictable.  Summit equips them with both the knowledge and the tools they will need to thrive.  In addition to state standards, our curriculum is informed by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework (link) and research such as the World Economic Forum’s report on the most essential skills for future employment, which includes:

Creative Problem Solving



Critical Thinking


Communication and Collaboration


Emotional Intelligence


Judgement and Decision Making


Service Orientation



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