The Incredibles Class Song

Nov 6, 2018

Who needs American Idol when you’ve got the Summit Preschoolers!  Summit’s self-named “The Incredibles” students were paid a visit from talented musician, Bill Partlan.  Bill was inspired to visit after student Lauren Wolfe, wrote the lyrics to a special theme song for her class.  Together, Bill, Lauren and the entire Incredibles class composed a melody to bring their lyrics to life.  Imagine how empowered each child must have felt as they experienced the making of a new song!  We are so proud of the creativity, collaboration and initiative taken by each student to bring this song to life.  Way to go Incredibles!  Check out their lyrics, or better yet pay the class a visit!  You may be lucky enough to receive a live performance.

The Incredibles

Class Song
Lyrics by Lauren Wolfe
Music by Bill Partlan   


Incredibles, Incredibles,
We are the Incredibles!

Super smart and super strong!
We use our incredible minds all day long!

No challenge is too big,
‘Cause we learn super-fast!

This year is going to be …
an in-cred-i-ble blast!!

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