Summit School has had an active Student Council since 2001 led by Advisor, Melissa France.  Each August, students are encouraged to run for elected office. Students in fifth through eighth grades are elected through a process outlined by the Student Council bylaws, which requires students to obtain recommendations from three teachers, the Head of School, and five peers.

Next the candidates create a poster that demonstrates their strengths for the office they strive to achieve. Finally, students prepare a two to three minute speech to present to the student body on Election Day.

Students may run for the following positions based on grade levels.

President: 8th Grade
Vice President: 7th Grade
Treasurer: 8th Grade
Secretary: 6th Grade
Sergeant at Arms: 6th or 7th Grade
Grade level representatives: Two per grade in grades 5th – 8th

Community service is a key component of the Summit Student Council and is a student-wide focus.

Student Council at Summit School fosters leadership, responsibility, school spirit and promotes community service.”
Melissa France, Student Council Advisor

Student Council Store

Visit our front office to place an order for new Summit School spiritwear. Each year Student Council members decide on the apparel, purchase the items to stock in the store. Students also organize and manage the store, fill orders, and ensure delivery of orders to the community.

Who: Students in grades 5- 8 are elected to office in August in compliance with the by-laws. Student Council committee membership is a voluntary sign-up, open to all students in grades 6-8.

What: Student Council organizes the following events/activities for the school community. 
• Spirit Days and Pizza Lunch – Student Council selects the themes and sponsors contests or provides items to enhance the day, such as the Neon Bracelets for Neon Day. Student Council also organizes, orders, and serves pizza during Spirit Day.

• Community Service – Student Council organizes, advertises, collects and delivers annual Thanksgiving Baskets and diapers for the Diaper Drive. Both events help support  Homeward Bound, an organization that assists families transition from homelessness to independent living.

• Ice Cream Fridays – Student Council purchases, sells, and advertises for the monthly Ice Cream Friday sales.

• School Support – Student Council members also provide support to school in the form of events such as Jump Rope for Heart. Student Council supports Summit’s Character and Respect Education program (CARE) by providing students with an opportunity to be the Sabre Cat, save $5 on school store items, or receive certificates for free ice cream or pizza lunch through the CARE ticket drawing.

When: Student Council is active from August through May of every school year. Summit has had an active Student Council since 2001. Student Council meets weekly with Mrs. France, the faculty advisor, during lunch and recess time on Wednesdays.

Where: Student Council is mainly active on campus. 

Why: Student Council provides an opportunity for student leadership, school wide community service projects and spreading school spirit.

How Student Council supports the community:
The officers and representatives do speak and work with the larger community through their work in organizing and promoting school-wide community service projects. For the past several years the Student Council has spearheaded support of Homeward Bound through the school’s drives for Thanksgiving Baskets and the holiday Diaper Drive. Student Council officers and representatives tour Homeward Bound in November to learn more about this community location and the people we are helping.

How Student Council supports our school:
Student Council is able to fund activities and gifts to the school through the Spirit Day pizza lunch sales, ice cream sales, and school store profits. All monies made by Student Council are used to give back to the school and or the community.

Student Council spends an average of $250 a year to supply board games, $250 to purchase books and any missing grocery items to complete the Thanksgiving Baskets.

Additionally, Student Council purchases a gift to the school each year. Gifts have included:

  • Sabre Cat mascot costume
  • Podium used for Morning Meetings
  • Sabre Cat rugs outside the offices
  • Picnic benches for middle school lunches
  • Lifelong Guideline banners hanging in the Multi-Purpose Room
  • Stage curtains
  • A new set of encyclopedias for the Knowledge Center
  • A cart for recess athletic supplies
  • During the 2013-2014 school year Student Council was proud to sponsor a 7 speaker series for the school in partnership with notMYkid.

Student Council keeps records of all monetary transactions and reports it to the administration and business office quarterly.

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