Summit CARES – Inspired 2nd Graders

Nov 6, 2018

Summit CARES

2nd Graders Were Inspired by the CARE Lifelong Guidelines As A New Year Began

At the beginning of school Mrs. Anderson explained to her new batch of second graders that coming to Summit School was like receiving a GIFT.  The parents and teachers work hard to provide a safe and encouraging learning environment.  She began the year reviewing the LIFELONG Guidelines of Summit’s CARE Program.  A program that instills how to treat others, and how to be the “best version” of yourself!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T was shown to her students through the “gifts of respect” boxes that sat on her counter.  The students were extremely curious and highly motivated to see what was INSIDE each box.  As the gifts were unwrapped each day, there was a special message inside to teach what the word “respect” meant as only a second grader might understand.

R is for….Rock of Respect.  Remember to respect others’ feelings. Be STRONG and share your feelings in a firm way.  Listen to the other person’s feelings and value their ideas.  Each child decorated “a rock” for the class’ rock garden basket.  Whenever they feel sad they hold their rock for strength!  Be strong!

E is for…Explain and eat with a friend.  Each candy color means you must share something different about yourself.  Remember to use KIND words and erase any words that are hurtful.  Eat and swallow unkind words.

S is for…Smile and Speak to someone in a KIND way.  Children wrote compliments on strips of paper and played SMILE Tag.  Put a SMILE on someone’s face!

P is for…Pop around and PLAY with different people.  Be patient and positive when working with others.  Try to understand their view even if it’s different than yours.

E is for…Each child will be treated EQUALLY.  Children shared some “Skittles” candies.  Each “S” signified SELF and special strengths.

C is for…Create and CARE for yourself and others. Each child made a “friendship” bracelet using colorful beads that stood for things that are good. Red means a kind heart….Purple means you show power and stand up for others…

T is for…Together.  Together we can treat each other respectfully and we can all work and “fit” together like a puzzle.  We are all different individually but when we work together we make something BIG!

Second graders continue to remember those gifts.  They have made a difference in how they treat each other in the classroom.  They have become a daytime family that recognizes it’s HOW you TREAT others that is important.  Kindness Counts!  May we all be encouraged to live by the “golden rule.”   At Summit School our CARE program encourages us to do just that!

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