Raising Readers in preschool and kindergarten: A parent presentation open to the community on March 30th from 6 – 7:30pm at Summit School

Mar 23, 2017

Summit invites parents of preschool and kindergarten aged children to learn how to support your child’s learning in reading. All in the community are welcome – Invite your friends!

A complimentary light dinner will be provided both evenings.  RSVP required to kathy.konrad@summitschoolaz.org

Raising Readers: Ideas for inspiring literacy skills in preschool and kindergarten children

March 30th from 6 – 7:30pm

A parent only presentation at Summit School ~ 4515 E. Muirwood Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85048

Learning to read words is only the first step in developing a kindergartners literacy skills. Discover how comprehension and understanding of language make reading the backbone of learning and inquiry. Gain insights into important strategies that teach children to do far more than read words, but to understand, think and communicate ideas from reading.

The presenter is Faith Angelakis, a twenty year teacher with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education, and a Reading Specialist endorsement, a full Structured English Immersion endorsement, and CLIP (Collaborative Literacy Intervention Project) certification. In her role as Summit’s literacy specialist, Ms. Angelakis helps teachers plan literacy instruction, and models and team-teaches lessons with her colleagues.

Summit School ~ 4515 E. Muirwood Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85048 ~ 480-403-9506

Summit School is a nationally accredited elementary and middle school, and an NAEYC Accredited Preschool chosen year after year as the BEST PRESCHOOL by the Ahwatukee community!

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