First Grade’s (Virtual) Field Trip Fridays

Nov 6, 2020

First grade has carved out time on Fridays that they refer to as “Field Trip Fridays.”

This past week, Mrs. Odenkirk’s class made paper airplanes in order to “travel” to Washington DC.  They even took a few test flights before embarking on their journey.  Just look at the photo to see how much fun they had!  Then they went on to explore some American landmarks on the Capitol Mall.  Students recorded their observations and curiosities in their Field Guides.

Mrs. Odenkirk says, “Now that we have our personal jets, we will be able to explore many places. Next week, we are heading to the White House. These two field trips complement our discussions and inquiry into the election process and American symbols.”

Reflecting on this activity, Mrs. Odenkirk elaborates, “The pandemic doesn’t halt or limit a child’s curiosity, and we are not going to let it get in the way of allowing Summit students to experience the world around them.  It just looks different.”


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