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If Adelle can name an album after her age then Summit is going to re-name January the “Happy 15th Month!”  This month we are celebrating our 15th anniversary!  Décimo quinto cumpleaños feliz!

Summit Parents are Invited! As a way of commemorating this special birthday we would like to invite parents to join our students and staff on Monday, February 1st  at 10:00 a.m. to take a group picture on the play field.  We would like everyone to wear a white-colored top so we can form the number “15.”

Let’s celebrate fifteen great reasons why your children belong at Summit:

  • Community – Students, teachers and parents who C.A.R.E. about education and work together to make Summit strong!
  • Great Teachers – Educators who are passionate about inspiring learners and leaders for life!
  • Preschool – The happiest place on earth where child-centered education and life-long learning begins.
  • Elementary – Grades Kindergarten through five are the “wonder years” of learning to learn.
  • Middle School – Academic rigor, social development, study skills, electives, community service and athletics prepare well-rounded young adults for success in high School, college and beyond.
  • A Rich Variety of Special Curricula – Science, Spanish, Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology, and Library, designed to enhance our comprehensive liberal arts approach to learning.
  • Learning – Critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, presentation skills and communication are the 21st century skills that we teach, what  your children need to thrive and what they deserve from their education.
  • Safety – Summit provides the physical, social, emotional, and psychological safety that children need to be confident and unique.
  • Character – Summit’s Character and Respect Education (CARE) program combines character education and positive discipline in order to teach and support the behaviors that create a safe and healthy learning environment, and strengthen social and academic skills and confidence.
  • Leadership – Providing opportunities to cultivate the leader within each child is a priority at Summit.
  • Diversity – Our community values and celebrates our differences.  We need more talented kids and diverse families to join us!
  • Technology –  Teacher and student use of tech tools provides new opportunities for teaching, learning and creating.
  • Affordable – Keeping tuition reasonable, offering scholarship assistance, and Arizona’s prívate School tax credit helps families stay at Summit.  Can you afford not to have your child receive a high quality Summit education?
  • Happiness & Success & High Achievement in every experience, everyday in every classroom.

Thank you to our parents for sending your children to Summit!

Warmest regards,

Patrick O’Brien, Head of School

Summit School

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