A Summit School education prepares the next generation of students for success. We love hearing stories about how Summit Alumni are doing since they’ve left the our campus and how they feel that Summit helped them along the way. In this month’s Alumni spotlight, we heard from 23-year-old Taylor who is now a Business Intelligence Analyst.

When did you attend Summit School?
I attended Summit School from Pre-K all the way through eighth grade, graduating in May of 2010.
Tell us about what you did after you left Summit. 
After Summit, I went onto Brophy College Preparatory. There, I played on the varsity hockey team, winning a state championship my sophomore season. I also graduated with a 4.06 GPA. I proceeded straight into my undergraduate studies at Arizona State University as a part of the Barrett Honors College. I graduated Cum Laude in four years while completing three B.S. degrees in Business Entrepreneurship, Business Data Analytics, and Computer Information Systems with another certificate in International Business. Since graduation, I have been working full time as a Business Intelligence Analyst at BeyondTrust, as cyber-security software company, and pursuing my M.S. in Applied Data Science through Syracuse University.
How did Summit School prepare you for your advanced education and current career?
For me, Summit prepared me to exceed by always feeding my curiosity and meeting me where I was at academically. I was a very quick learner, and always wanted to know how things worked. Whether it was an extra assignment, or something more difficult, the teachers at Summit would supply it. And, on the occasion something was too difficult or I didn’t understand it, they were always there to help show me the way. It is this ability, to enhance strengths and improve weaknesses academically and socially that I believe have prepared me for life after Summit.
What’s your best memory of your time at Summit? 
My best memory probably would have to be just the entirety of my eighth grade year with Mrs. Lecky. In her homeroom, always getting our work done but having fun along the way. If I had to choose one, it would probably be the process of ROPES, because for me specifically, it was more work than I had ever had to put into a single project or assignment in my life up until that point. Not only did it prepare me for high school, but doing my chosen activity helped me step outside my boundaries as well.
What would you say to parents who are considering Summit as an option for their student(s)? 
You will never find a group of teachers that love and care for your students like at Summit. There is a community at Summit that is unmatched. You can certainly get a fine education elsewhere, but the social development that Summit brings out of your children, the confidence, is irreplaceable.

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