Summit School has a dynamic elementary physical education program. The physical education program is developmentally based, widely researched and field tested physical education curriculum that focuses on health-related physical education for children.  Dynamic physical education curriculum aligns not only with our national and states standards for physical activity, but also provides academic integration to support the overall outcomes of an elementary school program.

Kindergarten through second grade Physical Education and Wellness at Summit follows closely with the Dynamic Physical Education Curriculum, created By Dr. Robert Pangrazi of Arizona State University, which is widely recognized throughout the world. The program has four distinct sections to each class: an instant/introductory activity followed by a fitness component and a sport and/or motor lesson that is then followed by a game. Other nationally-recognized components include AAHPERD’s Physical Best curriculum, the Cooper Institute’s Fitnessgram/ Activitygram, and Project Adventure.

Third through fifth grade Physical Education and Wellness models our Sport Education Curriculum which blends nicely with the Arizona State Common Core Standards. Sport Education focuses on building teamwork through activity. Students are responsible for many aspects of the sport season, taking on roles such as coach, manager, team trainer, line judge, referee, and scorekeeper. The Sport Education Curriculum was co-written by Dr. Hans Van der mars of Arizona State University.

Middle School incorporates “Fitness for Life” as an integral part of the wellness aspect of physical education classes, teaching students that there are many ways to get and stay healthy and active. Fitness for Life was developed by Ahwatukee’s own Dr. Charles Corbin, also from Arizona State.

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