Media Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Summit School.  We love our school and want as many people to know about us as possible. Thus, we would love to share information and our campus with you.

Our campus is a safe place for our students, faculty, and staff. To ensure our campus stays secure, all media inquiries should be directed to Mark Bistricky, our Head of School at Mark.Bistricky@SummitSchoolaz.org. If you are unable to reach Mark or need immediate assistance, feel free to call our front office at (480) 403-9500.

Any campus visits must be made through our front office. Someone from our administrative team will accompany, at all times, any member of the media who has permission to be on campus.

Logos, Fonts, and Templates


This guidelines book is a tool designed to project the image, values, and aspirations behind the brand. It is the cornerstone of all communication efforts and must be followed carefully to ensure a consistent style and quality of presentation. Every participating institution is responsible for representing or coordinating the use of the brand. The standards outlined in this guide represent Summit School’s institutional visual and editorial presentation. All logos, colors, fonts, artwork and images found within this guide are proprietary signatures of Summit School and may not be used outside the organization without express written permission from the Head of School. Please be aware that this manual may be updated to reflect future changes.


All logos included in the Summit School branding suite are available for download, however our logo is the touchstone of our brand and one of the most valuable assets. We must ensure its proper usage. Please refer to the Summit Brand Guidelines Manual on appropriate usage.


Typography is 95% of design – it’s a driving force in all forms of communication art and is crucial to the success of a good brand. All fonts included in the Summit School branding suite are available for download. Please refer to the Summit Brand Guidelines Manual on appropriate usage.

SUMMIT Slideshow Template

A Summit slideshow template has been created and should be used as the starting point for all formal internal and external slideshow presentations. The user is free to edit and change internal images. 

SUMMIT Letterhead

Summit branded letterhead is to be used for all official communications across all departments and staff. 

SUMMIT Stationery

Summit branded stationery is perfect for communications that don’t require the formality of an official letterhead. These can be used for communications including, but not limited to parent letters, a classroom syllabus, or internal memos. This Microsoft Word document was created for your convenience, but the branding logic can be applied to any program.

Make a communications request

In an effort to streamline all communications requests and suggestions, Summit has employed the use of a ticketing system. Any and all communications requests including, but not limited to social media, web edits, printed materials, and press opportunities should be submitted via the ticketing system.  

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