Summit students will form their next great ideas in the IDEA Lab!

What is the IDEA Lab?

Innovation, creativity and collaboration intersect at Summit’s IDEA Lab. This flexible space opens the door for our technology and library programs to be synthesized in ways that allow students to fully integrate their learning experiences across multiple topics and modalities of research and exploration. Students work with our technology and library specialists to expand their skillset and use of technology and media in their project work and content area assignments.

 innovation is at the intersection of literacy and technology

As you know, one of our values at Summit School is innovation. We desire for our students to be equipped to create impact for the world and for their communities, to advance their future industries, and to be leaders among their peers. We know that in order for this intention to be realized for every student, year after year, we must remain committed to growth.

A Word

From Our Head of SChool

“We’re so thankful to our many partners who are endlessly committed to the success of our students. We couldn’t do this without you. If you’ve not yet given to the IDEA Lab campaign, I sincerely hope that you’ll consider helping us reach our goal so that we can seize this incredible opportunity to expand our campus to include the IDEA Lab, which will serve the next generation of innovators at Summit for many years to come. 

– Mark Bistricky

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