BEST Board 2017-18

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Heather Wolownik


The Wolownik Family joined Summit in 2013. They have a daughter in 4th grade and a son in 2nd grade. Heather has been a chair for the BEST Book Fair and Staff Appreciation committees. She is a former Special Education Teacher and in her free time enjoys reading, hiking, dancing, crafting, and spending time with her family.

Neal Buckley

Neil Buckley


Neil and his family joined the Summit Community in 2015. He has two daughters now entering preschool and 2nd grade. Neil is a Software Developer and in his free time enjoys running, writing, reading and coding. Neil was born in Ireland.

Melody Johnson

Middle School Parent Representative

The Johnson Family has been part of Summit since 2015. Fred and Melody have a daughter entering 7th grade. Melody is involved with Middle School events and activities. She is a former Radiology Technologist and now a busy mom and volunteer. She has a passion for cooking, traveling, photography, yoga and walking.

Sandy Gove

Vice President

The Gove Family has been part of the Summit Community since 2010. Their children are in 4th grade and 6th grade this year. Sande has been the BEST Treasurer for four years.

Marcella Gemelli


Marcella is the proud mother of a Kindergarten student that is beginning his third year with Summit. Marcella teaches Sociology courses at ASU and enjoys running, tennis, hiking, reading, and writing in her free time.

Maria Chinn


The Chinn Family has been part of the Summit Community since 2014 when their son started in the Toddler Discoveries class.  He is now entering his second year of preschool.  Maria has lived on both the East and West coasts, has a background in Law Enforcement and Investigations and is currently enjoying time as a stay at home mom. She also enjoys visiting family in Hawaii as often as possible.

Boyeon Rao

Internal Auditor

Boyeon and her family joined the Summit Community in 2015.  Her children will be entering 1st grade this school year. Boyeon’s background is in Accounting. She enjoys traveling with her family.

Fredie Boudrie

BEST Board Preschool Teacher Representative
Preschool Teacher, Five Day Class

Fredie Boudrie obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Interpersonal Communication from The Ohio State University, and completed additional coursework in the field of Elementary Education. She began by student teaching in second grade, but learned that her true love is working with young children, which she has been doing since 1998. In addition to her BA degree, Ms. Boudrie has obtained an Academic Certificate in Child and Family Professional Development through the Early Childhood Education Program at Rio Salado College. She has been with Summit School of Ahwatukee since 2004.

Selene Kupper

BEST Board Elementary School Teacher Representative
Art, Preschool through Fifth Grade
Art Elective, Sixth through Eighth Grade

Selene Kupper has been recognized nationally for part in developing and teaching the Vitruvius Art Program, which is the art curriculum at Summit School of Ahwatukee. She brought her astounding talents to Summit School in 2008.

Ms. Kupper has developed projects and taught in the Vitruvius Program at the ASU Center for Academic Precocity, Design Discovery at the ASU College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Tesseract School Paradise Valley and North Scottsdale, and the University of Wisconsin. She studied graphic design at ASU, and has worked as a general manager, buyer, and designer for a five store corporation. As an artist and designer, her work has been exhibited internationally and she continues to create design work in the area of textiles and graphics. At Summit, she presents integrated design exercises and art principles to the students.

Ms. Kupper was the Recipient of the Prestigious Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, ACSA, Creative Achievement Award. Kathleen, Selene, and Eugene Kupper were awarded the “Creative Achievement Award” by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, ACSA, at the ACSA National Conference in San Francisco in March 2013. The Creative Achievement Award recognizes a specific creative achievement in teaching, design, scholarship, research, or service that advances architectural education. This award recognized the Vitruvius Program research and curriculum integration at the Summit School of Ahwatukee.

Amy Lecky

BEST Board Middle School Teacher Representative
Middle School Coordinator
Literature, Seventh Grade
Language Arts and Literature, Seventh & Eighth Grade

Amy Lecky was born and raised in Kentucky, a place dear to her heart. After receiving a BA degree in Education from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, she ventured to Arizona. She loves the desert and all its beauty. She has been teaching for over 20 years, starting with Summit in 2002. Throughout her years of teaching, she truly believes that laughter, enthusiasm, and fostering a positive attitude are just a few of the key components of a classroom and the enjoyment of learning. Mrs. Lecky enjoys teaching and supporting Middle School Students at Summit.

Mrs. Lecky is a three time recipient of a “Golden Gator, Excellence in Teaching Award” from Xavier College Preparatory High School. This award recognizes junior high teachers who have been inspirational to Xavier’s freshmen students. She currently teaches seventh grade literature and seventh and eighth grade language arts and literature. Mrs. Lecky also spearheads two important programs designed for Summit eighth grade students, “ROPES” and “SERVE”, which teach leadership, confidence and community service. She also serves as Middle School Coordinator and is a member of the National Middle School Association.

Andrea Benkel, M.Ed.

Assistant Head of School

Mark Bistricky, M.Ed.

Head of School