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After school programming is never an afterthought at Summit. The learning and fun expand from before to after school, and throughout the summer.

Reflection of a student and teacher… Growing up at Summit School of Ahwatukee

In 2011 Summit celebrated its 10th year anniversary as a top private independent school in Phoenix, Arizona. Alaina Mencinger, a 5th grade student who has attended Summit since it opened, collaborated with one of her favorite teachers, Andrea Benkel, to create a gift for the staff and families that help make Summit the wonderful school it is. They presented this poem at Summit’s Annual Spring Dinner Celebration and Auction. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Ten Years Ago

A Call-and-Response Poem by Alaina Mencinger and Andrea Benkel

Ten years ago

I can’t believe it was ten years ago

Our school was younger then

We were younger too

You were full of excitement and wonder!

Our school was smaller then

Small in number surrounded by a big dream

Some have stayed till the end

We cried tears of pride when you went to High School

Those that left, we miss

No matter where you are, you stay in our hearts

Our teachers have supported us through hard times

We held your hands so you could hold on

Many of us were here since the beginning

When the dream was fresh and starting to take shape

We have been touched by caring teachers, principals and staff

Each one of us hoped we were bringing you a gift

And many students too

We could never have imagined what gifts you would bring to our lives

Our school’s never lost its iridescent shine of happiness

The dream beams brightly in our faces and we feel its warmth

That helps us through

And moves us forward

Our school was different then

We had morning meetings every day with every one

We gathered every day

We delight in watching you share your love of life and learning

We had fewer computers

Now you are smarter than our Smart Boards!

And fewer tests

We need to measure how much you grow

We were still prepared to face the outside world

While the world changes, we run alongside you as you chase opportunity and adventure

Our school is still the same

We will always be here for you

Though different as it seems

The dream is still here

It still embraces learning

We learn from you every day

Like it did before

I can’t believe it was ten years ago