Why Choose Summit?

WHY A PRIVATE SCHOOL in Phoenix, Arizona?  

Summit School of Ahwatukee is a private, independent school nestled in the Ahwatukee community of Phoenix. We’re honored and proud to introduce families to our school, our faculty, our students and our beautiful campus.

From preschool through middle school, we nurture student’s critical thinking skills, creativity, and confidence in their own abilities, encouraging each and every student to grow to their full potential.

Summit School provides an extensive liberal arts curriculum. Why? Math, writing and reading are clearly important, and our programs are strong, and tailored to the individual growth of each child.  Moreover we believe that a world of possibilities awaits each child, and learning should provide the spark that leads children toward the path that brings them joy and success.

Summit’s curriculum is rich with classes and teachers dedicated to science, Spanish, music, art, technology, physical education and library. Middle school elective choices are broad and enriching.

Impactful? Yes. The list of awards for the school’s academic programs, teachers, community service and more is long and encompassing. Yet our greatest success is developing the love of learning in each child, realizing their talents and abilities are unique.

Teaching methods incorporate significant hands-on learning and meaningful discussions in which children share their ideas and thought processes. They become articulate, confident and adept at solving problems in creative ways. This sets their course for success in future educational pursuits and the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Additionally, our small class sizes of only 18 to 19 children means your child receives highly-personalized attention from our staff of exceptional and passionate instructors.

A recent National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) report provides further insight into why private schools are beneficial to your child. Their study showed that of students enrolled in private, independent K-8 schools like Summit, an impressive 98% went on to graduate from college by age 24 as compared to 50% who attended ‘High Quality Public Schools’.

We offer your child a unique opportunity to succeed.  We believe each Summit student deserves the space to thrive.

We encourage you to come see for yourself what we’re doing to transform education from a rote memorization of information to a highly-personalized experience. Come take a tour of our campus and observe the joy our students enjoy while learning. Schedule your personal tour.  Contact our admissions director at 480-403-9506

We all envision an environment for our children to learn and grow to their fullest potential. Summit School of Ahwatukee is that place; nurturing each student’s knowledge, thinking skills, creativity, love of learning and the confidence to achieve whatever they dream.

You have to see Summit School of Ahwatukee to believe that this educational opportunity exists.