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Summer Camps for Tempe Students!

Summit School of Ahwatukee’s summer camp is a great opportunity for students to stay academically, creatively, and socially engaged during the long break between private school programs. The experience prepares Tempe children for the following year’s changes and challenges, giving them a head start on what’s to come.

Summit School of Ahwatukee offers two different programs on campus: Camp Summit and Smart Minds Summer Camp.
Summer Camps in Tempe by Summit School of Ahwatukee

Camp Summit is divided by age range, giving campers the best chance to socialize and learn comfortably with their peers. Our summer camp programs are both exciting and guaranteed to foster friendships that endure through the years. And with the help of our trained counselors and certified teachers, your child will build confidence and feel supported in every activity they choose to participate in.

What makes Camp Summit so special?

Not all summer camps divide students by age range while still offering opportunities to gather with the older students they’ll be seeing in the coming year. Summit School of Ahwatukee evaluates successes from each prior year and continues to improve based on feedback from involved students and families.

The age-based curriculum and activities we organize include:

  • Age-appropriate lessons and activities
  • Field trips and on-site guests
  • Nurturing, supportive camp counselors
  • Activities organized and facilitated by our own Summit School teachers

Toddler Discoveries Summer Program

Specially designed for 18-36-month-olds, our Toddler Discoveries camp is open to children and their adult companions. For two hours each week, toddlers enjoy art, building, fine motor development, dramatic play, music, movement, and discovery.

Preschool Summer Camp

For eight years straight, Voters of Ahwatukee Foothills News has granted Summit School the title of Best Preschool. This honor reflects and motivates our commitment to researched, developmentally-correct material for our preschoolers. Your child will enjoy an environment that promotes independence while they build important social skills. Our summer camp is great for students returning to, or just preparing for preschool. Activities include:

  • Hands-on educational activities
  • Lessons guided by preschool and elementary instructors
  • Fun weekly entertainers and guests

Pre-K Summer Camp

Prepare your child for the leap into kindergarten life with an exciting summer of play and learning! This program helps students balance learning with enriching social experiences. Elementary school groups are occasionally combined with the pre-k camp for field trips, giving them a chance to become acclimated to seeing older students once they start kindergarten.

Elementary school summer camp

A student’s success in their educational career starts with being engaged on the appropriate level. With a diverse curriculum that allows students to choose their own path, success in the coming year is greatly increased. Elementary summer camp is for students getting ready for first through fifth grade. Activities include:

  • Cooking and baking
  • Performance arts
  • Team sports
  • Fort building
  • Team challenge games
  • Open-ended art

Middle school summer camp

Sixth through eighth graders enjoy trips and activities mostly chosen by the students themselves. Middle school camp is packed with adventure and exploration as they rejuvenate in preparation for next year’s changes. This camp is especially versatile, allowing students the flexibility to choose activities that appeal to them and maximizes their ability to learn and have fun.

The program is especially beneficial for students transitioning from fifth grade to sixth, offering a gentle introduction to middle school. Activities include:

  • Trips to water parks
  • Socializing
  • Movie theater events
  • Bowling

Summer camp is open to children from Tempe!

Register soon, space is limited.

Summit School of Ahwatukee offers special amenities and aftercare to accommodate parents with busy schedules. We also provide discounts for siblings!