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The depth and breadth of our nationally accredited, excelling middle school curriculum reflects an important component of why there is no school like Summit School of Ahwatukee, but it is only the start.

The caliber of Summit’s teachers, and the strong, positive bonds they form with students, give your child the confidence to share ideas, ask questions and be creative when talking with teachers and peers.  This is not a minor thing, as it truly gives you child a significant social and academic advantage in high school, college and in life.

Schedule a personal tour of Summit. Families are always overwhelmingly impressed at how articulate and respectful Summit students are. They are amazed to hear these young adults share the depth what they are learning with a clear sense of excitement and understanding.

The comprehensive curriculum engages students in Chemistry and Physics in eighth grade with lab based science that starts in kindergarten. Summit’s science classes develop more than understanding, they cultivate innovative ideas. See an example of a middle school schedule offering a full compliment of STEM and liberal arts.

In literature classes, high school level texts are read aloud, creating vibrant discussions, opening students’ minds to ideas and the world as it was, is and can be.

High school level Algebra and Geometry classes cement understanding, and create ingenuity using real situations that need mathematical based solutions. Our math awards attest to the success of the program.

Spanish classes provide advanced text, but as with all languages it is meant to be spoken, heard and understood, and our visual learning and active participation does just that.

Language arts is its own class at Summit. Intelligence and knowledge are wonderful, but communicating ideas is critical to using that knowledge, and our students are astoundingly articulate and insightful both in written and spoken words.

The middle school electives choices are broad and rich, allowing each child the ability to explore the passions they currently hold, and providing the opportunity to develop new ones. One of the many enriching choices is Art, Architecture and Design, which in 2011 was selected as the BEST in the UNITED STATES!

A focus on community service and leadership are is woven throughout the school’s culture. Read about SERVE for middle school  Often our students do far more than expected, as they find joy in giving back and realize that their efforts are impactful.  Community Service – Summit School of Ahwatukee

Curriculum, Character, Communication, Compassion, coupled with a phenomenal, full liberal arts Curriculum. Summit School of Ahwatukee students are joyful, respectful, and insightful.

We are so very proud of our students and our strong partnerships between inspiring teachers and involved parents.
Together we are educating confident and caring future leaders!

One month in middle school_This is what your child could experience!

From a parent:
Our daughter just completed her third year at Summit School of Ahwatukee, after transferring from another school. She is absolutely thriving. She is excited about telling me about her day when she jumps in the car at pick up. She blows kisses at the school when we drive by. She is deeply engaged in her homework and project assignments – many of which require her focus, creativity and humor.

She has been getting straight A’s along with several A+’s since she began attending Summit. As one of her teachers noted, she is one of the most driven students she has ever worked with. Our daughter is now in an environment that is able to foster her intelligence, creativity and drive.

During her time at Summit our daughter has regained her confidence, her excitement toward learning, and her drive to excel. Summit has given us back our child.

~Mother of a middle school student

“Since 2008, the Legislature has cut Arizona public-school funding to districts by more than 20 percent, forcing them, in turn, to make budget cuts. Arizona has a standard annual per-student funding formula that ranks among the bottom five states in the nation.”  Arizona Republic, November 11, 2013

 A recent report by American College Testing (ACT) cites research indicating that:  Eighth-grade achievement is the best predictor of students’ ultimate level of college and career readiness by high school graduation—even more than students’ family background, high school coursework, or high school grade point average.”   The ACT researchers found that students’ academic readiness for college and career can be improved when students develop behaviors in the upper elementary grades and in middle school that are known to contribute to successful academic performance.  The title of the report is The Forgotten Middle.

Summit School of Ahwatukee middle school in Phoenix, Arizona offers your student an outstanding, nationally accredited, award winning, educational experience.

Summit alumni have a 98% acceptance rate in all high schools to which they apply.  The majority of Summit graduates enroll in high school honors or gifted classes. Six Summit graduates have earned distinction as a National Merit Scholars. Graduates have made the dean’s list at prestigious universities such as Duke and Loyola Marymount. For list of high schools and colleges attended go to our About Summit page and click on Graduates: High Schools/Colleges/Alumni Awards

Summit’s excelling Middle School provides students the skills, critical thinking, academic and social confidence to attend any public, private or charter high school, and experience continued success and achievement.