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The Middle School Education You’ve Been Waiting For

Middle School Tempe
Our students are provided with a nationally accredited and awarded middle school curriculum that equips them for the future through academic success. Learning never stops. Gifting your child with a great education instills them with a desire to learn for their entire lives. This is only possible if the learning environment develops their confidence through the exploration of new concepts and ideas.

At Summit School of Ahwatukee our middle school classes take a unique approach to core subjects. Knowledge is more easily retained when it can be actively applied. That’s why our middle school curriculum focuses on hands-on learning aided by real-life examples. When students apply math, physics, language, and chemistry using relevant scenarios they engage with the subject at a much deeper level. This allows them to apply their learning every day and problem solve using creative methods. These skills are integral for a child to succeed in the 21st century.

Experience nationally recognized middle school classes.

Our electives help your child expand their opportunities and find their passions. Our Art, Architecture and Design course was voted the best in the United States by Association of Architecture Organizations. We also offer courses in robotics, movie making, programming, speech, PE, debate, culinary arts, band, yearbook, and theater as well as a robust summer camp program.

Our school culture is designed around student involvement. We want students to engage in their school and local communities. Coursework requires them to engage and strengthen their ties with the Tempe community. This is done through educational engagement that exposes them to other groups and instills understanding, unity, and a sense of compassion they will benefit from throughout life’s journey. Our programs build on one another. Our preschool prepares children for kindergarten, elementary school, and success both academically and in their personal lives.

Programs for Middle School Grades Include:

Choose an NCA CASI private middle school.

As an NCA CASI accredited private school, we serve as a valued alternative to public schools. Our middle school teachers are subject matter experts and carry subject-related degrees in addition to their teaching accreditations. Our middle school programs vigorously develop your child’s transferable skills and empower students during their transition to high-school and university.

These educational years are crucial. A public school or online middle school may not provide your child with a learning environment and personalized standards that allow them to flourish like a private school will. Parents love what our school does for their children’s confidence in their abilities and desire to learn. Alumni leave ready, capable, and prepared to fulfill their personal ambitions. We look forward to showing you everything we offer, so schedule a personal tour today.