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The Middle School Education You’ve Been Waiting For

Middle School Phoenix
We provide your child with a nationally accredited and awarded middle school curriculum that engages them in the present and prepares them for the future. Learning is a continuum and one of the greatest gifts you can give a child is the thirst for knowledge. This begins with a positive learning environment that promotes confident exploration of new concepts and ideas.

At Summit School of Ahwatukee, our middle school classes handle core subjects differently. Our middle school teachers focus on hands-on learning and the practical application of knowledge. When students apply math, chemistry, physics, and language using real-world scenarios they retain the information at a much higher rate. They also have the necessary context to use what they learn on a regular basis, to problem solve and think creatively. These are the skills that will be important for success in the 21st century.

Experience nationally recognized middle school classes.

Students start determining their own academic path in our elementary school. This continues in middle school. Our elective choices provide your child with the opportunity to pursue subjects they are passionate about and experience brand new ones. Our Art, Architecture and Design course was voted the best in the United States by Association of Architecture Organizations. Additional courses include programming, movie making, robotics, speech, theater, debate, band, PE, yearbook, and culinary arts.

We foster a school culture that promotes involvement in the community, personal responsibility, and leadership. The community service portions of our curriculum give students the opportunity to make a real impact in their local communities. This strengthens their ties to Phoenix, exposes them to different portions of the population, and instills a strong sense of unity, compassion, and understanding they’ll take value from and use moving forward through life.

Programs for Middle School Grades Include:

Choose an NCA CASI private middle school.

As an NCA CASI accredited private school, we provide an enriching alternative to public school options. Our middle school teachers are degreed, experienced teachers who are experts in the subjects they teach, and our middle school programs and activities develop transferable skills that empower students in their transition to high school and college. Our programs build on one another. Enrolling your child in our kindergarten and preschool programs is the first step to a successful, engaging education. We also provide summer camps with open enrollment.

These educational years are critical. A public or online middle school may not be accredited or provide middle school students in Phoenix with the kind of robust teaching methods that allow them to learn their best. Parents love what our school does for their children’s passion for learning and confidence. Alumni leave capable, prepared, and able to fulfill their lives ambitions. We look forward to showing you everything we offer, so schedule a personal tour today.