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The Middle School Education You’ve Been Looking For

Middle School Chandler
We provide our students with a nationally accredited and awarded middle school curriculum that helps your child succeed in the present while preparing them for the future. Learning is continual. The thirst for knowledge is one of the most important gifts you can give a child. This starts with an encouraging learning environment that develops confident exploration of new ideas and concepts.

At Summit School of Ahwatukee our middle school classes don’t approach core subjects in the traditional manner. Our middle school curriculum focuses on practically applying new knowledge and hands-on learning. When students apply chemistry, math, language, and physics using real-life scenarios they retain the information at a much greater rate. They also gain the context to apply new knowledge in their daily life and to think creatively when problem-solving. These skills are critical for a child to succeed in the 21st century.

Experience nationally recognized middle school classes.

Our elective choices provide your child with a wide array of subjects they can choose from. Our Art, Architecture and Design course was voted the best in the United States by Association of Architecture Organizations. Additional courses include speech, robotics, programming, movie making, debate, PE, band, theater, culinary arts, and yearbook.

Our school culture is built around the promotion of student involvement. We want students to help grow their community both in and outside of school hours. Our coursework includes involvement within the greater Chandler community and strengthens their ties to the area, exposes them to different groups, and instills a deep sense of compassion, unity, and understanding they’ll benefit from as they move forward in life. This builds off of our exceptional elementary school curriculum.

Programs for Middle School Grades Include:

Choose an NCA CASI private middle school.

As an NCA CASI accredited private school, we provide students with a valuable alternative to the public-school system. Our middle school teachers carry degrees, are experts in their subject matters, and our middle school programs actively develop skills that transfer and empower students in the transition to institutes of higher learning. You can begin your child’s premier education even sooner with our kindergarten and preschool programs.  We also provide students with continuing education through our summer camps.

These are critical education years. An online middle school or public option may not have the right credentials or provide middle school students in Chandler with the kind of individualized teaching methods that allow them to learn at their best. Parents love what our school does for their children’s confidence and passion for learning. Alumni leave prepared, capable, and ready to fulfill their life goals. We look forward to showing you everything we offer, so schedule a personal tour today.