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An Accredited Private Kindergarten For Tempe Families

Kindergarten in Tempe by Summit School of Ahwatukee

At Summit School of Ahwatukee, we know that the love of learning starts early. And since kindergarten is where structured schooling truly begins, it’s vitally important for children to thrive and enjoy learning during these early days. Building on foundations established in preschool, our program engages Tempe students with small class sizes and hands-on activities while ensuring that they’re well prepared for the big jump into first grade by the end of the year.

Classes are structured with a balance of group work and individualized attention. Group work encourages students to learn at their ability level and alongside other students with similar learning styles. We embrace each child’s uniqueness in this way and witness remarkable results year after year. Our approach opens up avenues to learning that would otherwise be overlooked. Without the reliance on ineffective memorization strategies, we have the time to help each student enhance their thinking and problem-solving skills through visualization and practical application. Our preschool program ensures your child is prepared for kindergarten.

A Variety of Subjects Taught with Consideration for Your Child’s Learning Style

The teachers at Summit School accommodate each student’s needs with both informal and formal assessments to prepare them for middle school. For example, reading sessions are often taught with the class split into small groups. Groups are arranged based on individual style and ability, and as students progress, their group is adjusted in turn. Larger class sizes are kept to a maximum of 18 students, with a teacher and a full-time assistant to maintain a manageable 9:1 student-to-teacher ratio. This allows your child to receive the personalized attention that prepares them for elementary and middle school.

Our private Kindergarten curriculum includes a variety of science and liberal arts subjects

Many of the projects in each subject have special “culminating events,” which allow students to practice public speaking skills by organizing a group or individual presentation for parents and the school community. We also have a great summer camp for students.

  • Art – Kindergarten students deepen their critical thinking skills through narrative problem solving, spatial reasoning, and visual perception.
  • Music – Students have the opportunity to play musical instruments, sing songs, and compose. Kindergarteners also participate in the school’s annual concert.
  • Math – Summit School students participate in engaging math games with familiar, real-world materials such as clocks and coins. This method allows children to apply math concepts to everyday scenarios.
  • Writing – For their writing activities, Kindergartners focus on prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, “six + 1 traits” of writing, expressive, expository, functional, research, presentations, and dictation skills.
  • Reading – Our reading program lets students learn using print concepts, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, literature elements, and expository and functional texts.
  • Spanish – Kindergarteners develop a strong foundation of Spanish vocabulary and conversation through games, music, and studies of Spanish-speaking cultures.
  • Social studies – Basic United States history, geography, and economics are examined in our Social Studies program.
  • Physical education – Each fitness class is specially designed for kindergarten students, involving a fun introductory activity followed by a lesson and a game.

Creating Outstanding Kindergarten Curriculums Through Individualized Education

Quality early childhood education starts with a private school approach. No other curriculum will better prepare your child for a lifelong love of learning. We hope to be your partner in encouraging your child to be a confident and passionate student for their entire elementary and middle school career. If your goal as a parent is to see your child grow and succeed, you’re in the right place. Contact our office for a tour of the campus today!