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A Creative and Thoughtful Private Kindergarten Experience

Kindergarten in Chandler by Summit School of Ahwatukee

Kindergarten is a special place where children learn skills that will guide them through their elementary school career. Summit School of Ahwatukee provides the support necessary to allow your kindergartner to learn at their highest potential. By allowing students to explore individual interests and helping them think critically about their world, we endow valuable educational skills that will support them for years to come. This builds off of our award winning preschool program.

Through a solid academic and social foundation, individualized attention, and before and after school support, Summit maintains its reputation as a great place to start for young learners!

Students are encouraged to develop relationships with their peers during choice time in the classroom and additional morning recess. They also work in collaborative groups during math and language lessons and are paired with older students during Buddy Time. Students are instructed in character education using the CARE@Summit positive discipline program developed especially for Summit students.

A lifetime love of learning starts in kindergarten!

Our certified teachers each have over eighteen years of experience coupled with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Education and Early Childhood and SEI endorsements. Most recently, our kindergarten teachers were selected to participate in a Project approach Cohort through the Arizona Kindergarten Experience Grant. Studying alongside Dr. Judy Harris Helm, they have developed extensive knowledge of project-based learning with young students.  Our highly educated and experienced teachers create a welcoming and loving environment where children feel safe being away from home. In fact, our alumni attest to our thoughtful approach being rivaled by no other school in the area! Teachers motivate and engage with every student and work as a cohesive team to ensure consistency school-wide.

Summit’s innovative curriculum includes attention the individual needs of each child to maximize their potential and help them find inherent talents and gifts. For example, our reading classes are taught at varying levels between the two kindergarten classes. Each small group is organized based on the students’ unique abilities, enabling the groupings to change in tandem with each child’s progress. This has provided rich and differentiated opportunities for our students that we have brought on a math specialist at Summit to develop the same focus on differentiation in mathematics.

Giving your Child Confidence in Their Ability to Learn

A Summit kindergarten experience includes reading, writing, math, spelling, character education, social studies, project-based learning and presentation skills in a classroom with a maximum of 18 students. A low student to teacher ratio is supported by an instructional assistant in each kindergarten classroom. These assistants provide academic and emotional support and are key members of our kindergarten team. Content is taught using hands-on, experiential learning, which allows students to gain a deeper understanding of concepts rather than relying on passive learning or memorization. This prepares them for elementary school and middle school.

Our kindergarten curriculum includes:

  • Art – Through work based on real and imagined projects, children deepen critical thinking, narrative problem solving, spatial reasoning, and visual perception.
  • Math – Students participate in fun math games involving clocks, real money, and a multitude of manipulatives. This method allows children to visualize and experience real-world math concepts.
  • Reading – The kindergarten reading program includes print concepts, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, literature elements, expository text, and functional text.
  • Writing – Our writing program for kindergarten students focuses on prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, “six + 1 traits” of writing, expressive, expository, functional, research, listening and speaking.
  • Social studies – Some of the basic themes studied include general United States history, geography, and economics.
  • Music – Students have the opportunity to play musical instruments, sing songs, and compose. Kindergarteners also participate in the school’s annual concert.
  • Physical education – Each fitness class is specially designed for kindergarten students, involving an introductory activity followed by a lesson and a game.
  • Spanish – Kindergarteners develop a strong foundation of vocabulary and conversation through games, music, and cultural study.

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Preparing your child for a bright future starts early! Our private school education fosters student progress through individual attention and carefully studied educational techniques, including a wide variety of subjects that open doors to inquiry. If you’re a parent with high hopes for the growth and success of your child, you’ve come to the right place. We also provide summer camp services for students of all ages.