Knowledge Center

At the Knowledge Center of the Summit School of Ahwatukee, our mission is to empower students, staff, and community members to be life-long learners, informed decision-makers, users of information technologies, and enthusiastic readers.

Our mission is fulfilled in the following ways:

  • providing instruction in information literacy.
  • supplying intellectual and physical access to informational materials with a variety of formats, media, and points of view.
  • stimulating interest in reading and in finding and using information and ideas.
  • promoting the use of the Knowledge Center by students and faculty.
  • collaborating with teachers to develop educational strategies to meet the informational needs of students and to enhance teaching.
  • supporting the school’s curriculum and educational initiatives.

Get to Know - Knowledge Center Faculty

Allison Lee

Librarian, Preschool through Eighth Grade
Debate Elective, Sixth through Eighth Grade

Allison Lee holds a Master’s Degree in Library Media Science with a certification in School Library Media. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Human Development and a minor in English.  Ms. Lee’s Library Sciences teaching experience spans preschool, elementary, middle school and high school.

Her goal as the school’s librarian is to evaluate, acquire, provide and promote information resources to meet the learning needs of all learners. She believes in the importance of working closely with subject expert teachers and staff to integrate information literacy competencies throughout the teaching and learning process, creating a partnership that allows students to thrive.  Summit proudly welcomed Ms. Lee to the teaching staff in 2016.