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Your child’s future starts with the best elementary school education.

Elementary School Tempe
Summit School of Ahwatukee elementary school students enjoy a rounded education that includes both STEM related and liberal arts courses. Small reading groups that focus on each child’s individual level help them grow their comprehension at an accelerated pace. Dedicated classes include science, architecture and design, technology, art, music, differentiated math instruction, Spanish, and library study. Our elementary school curriculum is based around you child’s unique needs. This child-first focus doesn’t force them to follow a specific curriculum when they excel, or need additional work, in a certain subject.

An elementary education that immerses at every level.

Ensuring your child is prepared for the future requires a forward-thinking education. Our curriculum is nationally accredited by the NCA CASI and our architecture program has been named the best in the United States by the Association of Architecture Organizations.

Every one of our elementary school teachers is a skilled educator. Some of their specialties include technology, science, art, and music. Our elementary school programs involve students in their communities. They participate within the school itself as well as the greater Tempe area. Our school programs and students have been regularly recognized and awarded at a local and national level. Rewarding the achievement of individuals while developing social skills through group work prepares our students to prosper in the high school and university settings of their choosing.

Programs for Elementary School Grades Include:

Choosing the Best Elementary School

An exceptional elementary school education and affirmative experience ready your child for success from kindergarten to preschool on up. Choosing a leading school to provide your child’s education is a gift that never stops giving back. Parents praise Summit School of Ahwatukee for our accommodations of different learning styles, attention given to individual students, and ability to engage at your child’s level while supporting them as they take ownership over their own education at our leading private school. That same attention and care is an integral part of what makes our summer camp programs such a success as well.

Success is built on a foundation of learning. Learn more about Summit, our mission, and the other ways an education at Summit School of Ahwatukee can help your child reach their full potential.