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Elementary School Chandler
Summit School of Ahwatukee elementary school students enjoy a fulfilling private school education that includes a full liberal arts curriculum and STEM related courses. Learning in smaller reading groups at each child’s appropriate level allows them to excel and grow. Dedicated Spanish, differentiated math instruction, science, library, architecture and design, art, technology, and music engage students with a multi-faceted education. We base our elementary school curriculum around the needs of each child instead of forcing our students to conform to a specific curriculum.

An elementary education that engages at every level.

Preparing your child for what lies ahead requires an education that focuses on the future. Our curriculum is nationally accredited by the NCA CASI and our architecture program has been named the best in the United States by the Association of Architecture Organizations.

Each one of our elementary school teachers is a veteran educator and specialist. Their fields include art, science, technology, and music specific training. We provide hands-on teaching that highly acclaimed online elementary schools are only able to imitate.  When deciding on an elementary school for your child you want to consider the culture of the provider as well.

We foster a safe, engaging, and creative environment where our students can concentrate on learning. Our elementary school programs require student involvement in the community. They actively participate within the school as well as the greater Chandler area. Our individual students and programs have been regularly awarded and recognized in the national and local arena. Rewarding individual achievement while cultivating group-work and social interaction prepares our students to succeed in the high school and university settings of their choice.

Programs for Elementary School Grades Include:

Choosing the Best Elementary School

An outstanding elementary school education and positive experience prepare your child to succeed in middle school and beyond. Choosing a leading school to educate your child is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Parents praise Summit School of Ahwatukee for our learning style accommodations, individual attention, and ability to engage students while encouraging them to take ownership over their own education. We also have summer camp opportunities to provide continuing education.

Success is built on a foundation of learning. Learn more about Summit, our mission, and the other ways we use education to prepare your child to flourish now and in the future.